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Samidat 0.5.4 (2004-10-22)

In this version, front page layout was changed to the more familiar vertial split with the main column featuring focuses and right column running recent updates in the open publishing wire. New moderation facility allows to take over messages, displace their contents completely, and block member accounts. More new features: alternative CSS theme Indy is added and now is selectable from the Settings page; Belarussian translation is added; database connection is now configurable and allows to run multiple Samizdat instances on a single server; oversize titles and descriptions are now truncated.


What's new

front page
the old horizontal split between focuses table and recent updates is replaced with the vertical split; recent updates are displayed unchanged in the right column, while the mail column shows most popular focuses with each featuring description of the most recent message and titles of other recent messages in the focus
moderators specified in config.yaml are able to take over messages (current version of such message can still be viewed through history of changes), displace messages (the displaced version of a message cannot be restored), and block member accounts (blocked account can be unblocked by any other moderator); all moderator actions are logged in an append-only table
theme selection
any user can now select preferred CSS theme on the Settings page; the new Indy scheme follows the style and color scheme of the global Indymedia site
new translation
site interface is translated to Belarussian
multi-site hosting
database connection is no longer hard-coded into Samizdat RDF storage module and can be changed in config.yaml; with some clever Apache configuration, it is even possible to run many sites from the single code base, differing only in config.yaml and content/ (and optionally css/) directory
string truncation
titles and short contents of messages are now truncated to the limits specified in config.yaml, ellipsis is appended to truncated strings